Inspired by my mentor Derek Loudermilk, I started writing annual reviews as a way to look back and appreciate the previous year, and to set goals for the upcoming year. 


Name: The Year Of Wonder

On the one hand, wonder in a negative sense because I kept on wondering how government leaders could keep on dehumanizing society and how most people kept on following the Covid-19 narrative and politics despite its absolute ridiculousness.  But personnally this was the year of positive wonder for me, cause it was the first year I deeply felt an apprectiation and gratitude for the gift of life. I felt wonder for the beauty of simple things, the amazing projects some people create and my own capacity to adapt and grow as a person. 

Relationships in 2021

+ I made a dozen of new friends in Georgia in very short time period

+ I made my first 'famous' friends, people with >10,000 followers on social media

+ I had a nice romance with a beautiful and amazingly kind Georgian woman, and we stayed friends

+ I came to accept my parents as they are and love them fully again since a long time

+ I cold approached 93 women and reduced my approach anxiety

- I lived 8 months in isolation in small villages in France where I felt lonely and rarely saw my friends in the city

- Low finances and practical reasons made me move to Georgia without my dog Chopko, I miss him very much

Sport and Adventure in 2021

+ I broke the Guinness World Record for Greatest Distance Traveled On A Spacehopper in 24 hours

+ I finished on the podium of a local trail run in France

+ I found a great trail running group and nice trails in Tbilisi

+ I fell in love with swimming again & plan to make my comeback in triathlon

+ I started preparing a big rafting expedition in 2022 and found 3 great teammates

+ I became Belgian Champion Hobbyhorse Jumping

- I had months of pain in my trapezius muscles which led to a poor performance in the Trail de l'Aubisque, my major goal this summer

Career and Finances in 2021

+ I stopped working as a physiotherapist, a job that made me miserable for 4 years

+ I started working as a personal assistant for Derek Loudermilk and very much like this job

+ I finished writing a book for which I interviewed 100 adventurers

+ I opened a crypto wallet and started a introduction course about crypto

+ I learned from and Clickfunnels, that knowledge will be the base of how I will earn money in the future

- A crowdfunding action for my book was very disappointing

- I have not succeeded in making passive income yet

- My monthly income is just enough to get by and needs to at least triple to live the life I really want

Celebration, contribution and fulfillment in 2021

+ I enjoyed physical training more than I ever have

+ I am much more present in conversations thx to spiritual practices

+ I have the feeling nothing can stop me, I will find a way to overcome every obstacle. Finally I truly love and value myself.

+ I had one of the best experiences of my life @ Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within in Florida

+ I discovered the work of Aubrey Marcus and Charles Eisenstein. People like them give me hope for the future of humanity

+ For the first time in my life, people give me very frequently compliments about my kindness, good heart, positive energy. That seems to be my biggest contribution to the world today

+ Collected ca. €350 for charity thanks to Guinness World Record, monthly $25 donation against child- & sex slavery, frequent distribution of coins to homeless people

+ Intense feeling of gratitude for the people around me, nature, my dog, my health and the opportunity Derek gave me

- Still too often worried about the future & not having enough faith 

- Freedom and my desire to express love and connection limited by Covid-politics

- Still too concerned about what other people think of me

- Real concerns about Artificial Intelligence, collaps of the monetary system (especially for my parents' retirement), communism, censorship and the lack of freedom

Goals for 2022

- Publish my book about adventurers

- Make passive and passion income by my own projects, equivalent of €1000/month today

- Start balanced and passive investment portfolio with crypto / hard metals / stocks / ... 

- Further develop interesting projects with Derek. Offer value to his company so we can have a bigger impact on the world and I can get a 50% raise by the end of the year

- Increase frequency of cold approaches 4-5x and this way increase my chances to find the woman I want to build a future with

- Finish the Elbrus Race (goal: podium), do a swimrun in Belgium in June (goal: podium) 

- Find a sponsor for the Danube expedition. Raft down the entire river. Reach our target of inspiring > 1M people to express their uniqueness and unify against polarisation, discrimination, dehumanisation, homophobia, racism etc.

- Organise the '79 Friends'-event with Karen & Make it Magical

- Get a core group of very good friends in Georgia

- Get in touch with Charles Eisenstein and Aubrey Marcus

- Make a plan to move to Girona in 2023 with Chopko, so I can train with the world's best triathletes