I'm currently looking to add value to a company by means of my unique skillset, experience, mindset and personality. More concretely, I'm searching for an inspiring company I can serve by becoming a virtual assistant or member of the marketing team, ideally a company that's active and successful in the world of self-development, adventure, sports, health, human connection and/or entrepreneurship. A company where transformation, growth, unity, authenticity, contribution and enjoyment belong to the main values.


In the video below I introduce myself, followed by a listing of the projects I've worked on so far, and the skillset I have.


If you're interested working with me, send me an email (glenn@smileplaygive.com) or WhatsApp-message +995 574 24 01 64, or schedule a Zoom-call via my online calendar. 🔗

  • Building websites with Wix, for instance this one 🔗

  • Kajabi: create products, offers, marketing campaigns, pipelines, affiliate links and courses

  • Copywriting: newsletters and podcast pitches

  • Graphic design with Canva and Pixlr, for instance to make Youtube thumbnails, flyers, logo's...

  • Video editing 

  • YouTube management: making thumbnails, picking titles with good click-through rate, choosing keywords using tubebuddy, adding description, tags, timeline, cards and endscreens

  • Making audiograms and reels for instagram

  • KDP Amazon self-publishing

  • Connecting with podcast guests and hosts via Podmatch en matchmaker

  • Booking management: public speaking, hotels, flights, meetings ...

  • Setting up a company in Georgia

  • Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Dutch (mother tongue), Spanish (beginner)

  • Growth mindset, curiosity, creative problem solving, taking initiative, taking ownership, team player, learning very fast, respecting deadlines, non-violent communication, being responsible and respectful towards clients, employer and colleagues

  • I also swim, cycle and run pretty fast, if that's worth something 😄


My best work

Projects that 'stand out of the crowd' and made it to national TV (and sometimes international too):

YouTube: My best thumbnails and titles:


My favourite designs from my merch-brand 'I Love People':

merch favourites.png

Outreach emails for podcasting:

A snippet from my book 'Profession Adventurer':

A video in which I explain how to find a good Virtual Assistant (and how to BE an excellent Virtual Assistant at the end). This video was part of course material my previous employer put together for his mastermind:

Timeline: 00:00 Introduction / 00:41 Deciding if you need a VA / 01:42 Where to find a VA? / 03:24 How to work with your VA / 06:14 Separate bank account for your VA? / 07:39 Two types of Virtual Assistants / 12:22 How to be a great VA

What people say about me:

Derek Loudermilk, previous employer (2021-2022):